What is Alkalinity?
It is the total amount of alkaline materials present in your swimming pool water.

How is total alkalinity measured?

  • Total alkalinity is measured in PPM (parts per million).

What is the correct range for total alkalinity?

  • The correct range for total alkalinity is 80ppm to 120ppm

What happens if my total alkalinity is too high?

  • High total alkalinity can result in a high pH. This drastically decreases the efficiency of your pool chemicals, and can lead to cloudy water conditions

How do I lower my total alkalinity?

  • To lower total alkalinity you have to add an acid such as pHix It Down .

What happens if my total alkalinity is too low?

  • Low total alkalinity can cause pH bounce and cause water to become corrosive to metal parts both in your filter and in your exposed pool framework.

How do I raise my total alkalinity?

  • To raise total alkalinity you have to add Alka-pHix.

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