How can I heat my pool without draining my wallet?

Many pool owners strive to do one thing- extend their swim season. Think about it, you have your very own backyard pool- you wait all winter and spring to use it and then before you know it, Labor Day is here and it’s time to close the pool again. It doesn’t seem fair.  There has got to be a way to add more days between Memorial Day and Labor Day – Now there is.

If your pool water was warmer early in the spring and late into the fall you would use it, RIGHT? Of course you would. Picture this, you and your family are splashing around in your pool on a clear April afternoon. Your neighbors hear you but don’t believe their ears – how is it possible?  Are you Polar bears, are you doing some kind of arctic challenge- no you’re enjoying your heated pool.

No matter what the temperature is outside it is always warm and inviting in a heated pool. By heating your pool you can effectively DOUBLE YOUR SWIM SEASON. It’s like getting 2 summers for the price of one, each and every year.

I know what your thinking- my heating bill for this will be insane. Not if you’re heating with a Heat Pump. Heat pumps are the technological wonder of the pool heating industry. They aren’t 85% efficient, they aren’t 95% efficient in fact they aren’t even 100% efficient. Heat pumps are over 500% efficient. How can that be- simple- they don’t generate heat- not a single BTU. They actually extract heat for the air around us, and all the energy is used in transferring the heat from the air to your pool.

Instead of wasting energy burning fuel such as gas to create heat- heat pumps snatch it from the air and deliver it to your pool. This results in being able to heat your pools for pennies a day.

Heat pumps come in a variety of sizes so there is one that is made for your size pool. Heat pumps run off electricity so there are no gas lines or propane tanks to install.  Best of all, most heat pumps work with a thermostat control so they will run only when the water temperature drops below your desired setting and turn themselves off when that temperature is reached. So if you want to DOUBLE YOUR SWIM SEASON, ENJOY YOUR POOL MORE or just SWIM IN WARM WATER – a heat pump is the only logical choice.

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