There has been a lot of talk recently about Salt Water Pools.  All the pro salt and anti-salt noise is just that, noise.  Just like a few years ago when the “internet was just a fad”, salt is here to stay. The confusion about salt has more to do with the terminology than the actual salt system.

If you are talking about a Salt Water Pool, Chlorine Generator, Salt Generator or any combination you are really talking about adding salt to your pool and using a device to convert that salt into chlorine. It’s that simple.  Salt Chlorine Generators take a small amount of salt that has been dissolved in your pools water and thru the process of electrolysis convert that salt into usable chlorine that will disinfect your pools water.  Best of all, it does this automatically.

But why are they so popular? The answer is simple. No one wants to deal with pool chemistry. If I told you you’ll never had to add chlorine to your pool, if you PH level would be stable and the need for adding corrective chemicals was reduced dramatically – never mind eliminating most of the testing and adjusting, would you be interested. Of course, so would everyone else who owns a pool, that’s why they are so popular – your pool can basically take care of itself.

What’s involved?  Salt Chlorine Generators consist of 2 components that install in line with your existing filter system. The “cell” is installed after the filter system in the hoses/ piping going back to the pool. This is where the chlorine is created from salt. The “brains” of the system known as the control panel is installed near your pool pump and is connected by cable to the cell. The Control panel actually controls the amount of chlorine produced and can display information to you about your pools chemical balance.

Once the system is installed you will begin to make your own chlorine and you’re on your way to chlorine independence. The beauty of the system is that you do not use up the salt in making chlorine. The natural process is a continuous circle- Salt is in the water- the generator turn the salt into chlorine- the sun turns the chlorine back into salt – and the whole process begins again . In fact the only salt you add from season to season the salt you lose from splashing or draining your pool.

That’s the practical side, the other reason salt is so popular is the way you feel while swimming in a salt water pool. Nothing beats the silky smooth way the water feels. No more dryness, the pool water feels luxurious. No matter what the reason salt systems are the wave of the future in pool maintenance and sanitation.

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