1. Algae Problem-Green Slimy Water

  • If the water has green slime, it is probably algae. Algae is an aquatic plant that grows rapidly in pool water when a combination of warm temperatures and lack of chlorine or other sanitizing agents exists. You should feel the walls or floor of the pool to see if they feel slimy. { If algae is present you should use Black Algae Out}.

If you did not shock pool

  • The best thing to do is to check and adjust the pH accordingly and shock the pool using CHLORINE BASED SHOCK TREATMENT. GreenOut is recommended by pool professionals

  • Shocking is the burning out by oxidation through superchlorination of contaminants which put a demand on your chlorine

  • It is not recommended to use the following: Quick Tabs, Gold Dust, or Slow Tabs as a shock treatment.

If you did not add algaecide

  • If the walls feel slimy the best thing to do is check and adjust the pH accordingly 

  • Shock the pool using 2x the recommended amount of CHLORINE BASED SHOCK TREATMENT {Green Out}. run the filter for 2 to 6 hrs

  • Add the recommended amount of Black Algae Out and run the filter for 2 to 6 hrs

  • Add the recommended amount of Jump Start and run the filter for 2 to 6 hrs.


If you did not vacuum pool - VACUUMING PROCEDURE

  1. Connect the vacuum head to the vacuum hose and pole.

  2.  Place the vacuum head into the pool.

  3. Insert vacuum plate in skimmer, pushing it down so it sits properly on the basket

  4. With the filter system operating, fill vacuum hose with water by placing vacuum hose over the return until filled with water { filled when air bubbles stop coming from vacuum head }. (please read script text below.

  5. 5. Keeping hose underwater, insert hose in skimmer and attach hose to vacuum plate.

  6. Note - The filter MUST be on filter position

2. Added large amounts of fresh water – Usually a mineral problem

  • You should add a mineral remover. Mineral removers are a clarifier of discolored water, caused by the oxidation of iron, copper, and other minerals. 

  • You should test the pH and correct it before adding the mineral remover.

  • Then you should add Liquid Magnet which is a concentrated mineral removing agent (1 qt. per 10,000 gallons).

  • Pour it into the pool by the return.

  • Run the filter for 4 to 6 hours.

  • Vacuum bottom of the pool.

3. Need Water Tested

  • The best thing to do is bring in a sample of you pool water for a FREE COMPUTER ANALYSIS. find a store

  • We will need 8 ounces of fresh pool water.

  • Please be sure to use a PLASTIC container and to bring a fresh sample of water (no more than 1 hour old).

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