Who is working harder? You or your filter?
With the Black Diamond cartridge system it does the work NOT you!

  • Black Diamond Pressure Cartridge systems require the least amount of maintenance from the pool owner. Because of the NASA inspired chain link webbing, your Black Diamond Element is designed to hold a tremendous amount of debris dramatically cutting down on the amount of times the filter needs to be cleaned.

  • Unlike traditional cartridge filters, there is no waiting between cleaning the element and placing it back in service. No need to wait for it to dry off, just rinse it off and return the element to the tank. The patented Black Diamond material is engineered for years of optimal performance.

  • The chain link webbing eliminates pleat bunching giving you very long filter cycles which cuts your maintenance and allows you to utilize 100% of the filters capacity.

  • Because you are using 100% of the filter capacity to clean your water, you are getting the most efficient filtration while conserving resources and saving money.

  • Black diamond elements require a simple rinsing off the clean..... that’s it. The self rising lid makes filter maintenance quick and easy.

Winterizing tips for your Pressure Cartridge Filter System

  • Never leave your filter system outside in the winter.

  • Disconnect the system from your pool and flush it out with fresh water to remove any chemical residue from the filter.

  • Thoroughly clean your filter element and allow to air dry before placing it in your filter tank for winter storage.

  • Leave the filter lid “unlocked” for winter storage so filter can breathe while in storage.

  • Make sure all water have been removed from the pump chamber before storing your pump for the winter

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