You can extend your D.E. Filter life by following these few simple suggestions:

  • Be sure to purchase the proper size filter tank for your pool. A filter tank that is too small will result in shortened filter cycles, which means you will be forced to maintain your filter more frequently. A filter cycle is the time between filter cleanings. The larger the filter area, the greater the amount of dirt and debris that the tank can hold. By sizing the tank properly to your pool you will enjoy longer filter cycles which will result in saving you time and money.When you backwash a D.E. Filter all the media (D.E. powder) is removed. Be sure that you add more D.E. powder each time you backwash your filter. The filter will not function without it.

  • To ensure a clean filter, and lengthen your filter cycles, be sure to use  Advanced Solutions TM Filter Flush during the swimming season and prior to winterizing your filter

  • To keep your D.E. Filter in top running condition be sure to lubricate all rubber o-rings at the beginning of the season with silicone based  O-Ring Lube

  • This will keep your filter in its best working condition, and minimizes future maintenance.

  • You should give your D.E. Filter an acid bath at least once (1) each season. This will remove any dirt and debris that are caked solid on any portion of the internal support system.

How to run your D.E. Filter for the first time

  • To operate your D.E. Filter for the first time, you need to pre-mix the correct amount of D.E. Filter Powder with water.  Mix the D.E. and water thoroughly in a bucket until all of the D.E. is completely dissolved.

  • Turn on your filter and slowly pour the D.E. solution into your thru wall skimmer. The D.E. solution will be drawn into the filter and the powder will coat the support system of the filter so it can then remove dirt and debris. It is normal to experience a slight puff back of D.E. when first charging your filter.

  • Warning: Running your D.E. Filter with no D.E. powder in it can damage the filter.

  • Most traditional D.E. Filters require less D.E. when re-charging than when starting up. This is because some used D.E. remains inside the filter until the filter is dis-assembled and thoroughly clean. Auto regeneration D.E. filters are the exception, there is never used D.E. left behind so you always give a full charge when re-charging with D.E.

Winterizing your D.E. Filter

  • Backwash the filter to remove all of the dirt, debris and D.E. powder from inside of the filter tank.

  • Disassemble the filter and rinse all components with fresh water.

  • Give your filter an acid bath before storing it for the winter.

  • Dry the tank thoroughly and store it upside down in your house or garage.

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