You can extend your Sand Filter life by following these few simple suggestions:

  • Be sure to purchase the proper size filter tank for your pool. A filter that is too small will shorten your filter’s cycle, which means you will be maintaining it more frequently. The larger the tank, the more dirt and debris it can store, extending your filter cycle.

  • A filter cycle is the length of time it takes for a filter to fill with dirt and debris and require cleaning.

  • Always add fresh sand to your filter each and every spring. As water passes through the sand in your filter tank, the sharp edges of the sand particles are worn away. Once the sand particles become smooth, (no sharp edges) they no longer filter properly.

  • To ensure maximum performance of your sand filter, be sure to use Advanced Solutions TM Filter Flush during the swimming season and prior to winterizing to keep your filter in top running condition.

  • Be sure to lubricate all rubber o-rings with silicone based O-Ring Lube. This will keep your filter in its best working condition, and minimizes future maintenance.

  • If your filter is equipped with a six-position valve, always run filter on rinse cycle after back-washing.

  • Very important: Never backwash your sand filter more than 2 minutes at a time. Backwashing for more than 2 minutes will damage the internal components of your Sand Filter.

How to run your Sand Filter for the first time

  • All filter sand needs to be cleaned prior to filter operation. The most effective way to clean the filter sand is to wash it using the backwash setting on your filter.

  • The filter should remain in backwash until the water coming out the waste runs clear (maximum 2 minutes).

  • Turn off the pump

  • Return the valve to the filter position

  • Turn the filter pump back on

  • Please note that the same procedure should be followed on existing Sand Filters when changing the filter sand.

Winterizing your Sand Filter

  • Remove all filter sand from tank

  • Rinse out the inside of tank and valve with fresh water

  • Dry inside of the filter tank thoroughly

  • Store filter tank, upside down inside your house or garage for the winter

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