What is the purpose of a swimming pool filter?

  • Swimming Pool Filters are designed to remove dirt and debris from your pool water as well as to constantly re-circulate your pool chemicals thus creating a safe swimming environment.

How does dirt and debris get into my swimming pool?

  • Dirt and debris are introduced into your pool by swimmers, wind, and rain as well as through the decomposition of dead algae and bacteria.

What is the best type of filtering system?

  • There is no “best type” of filtering system. Any filter if used properly will keep your pool clean.

How long should I run my filter?

  • The recommended running time for a swimming pool filter is between 8 and 12 hours per day. Your filter should be run every day whether you use your pool or not.

What happens if my Filter is not run long enough each day?

  • Not running your filter long enough will allow excess dirt and algae to accumulate in your pool, creating a greater demand on your pool chemicals. It will also increase the time you spend vacuuming your pool. Lack of proper circulation will cause your chemicals to escape from your pool water before they have a chance to work.

What happens if I run my filter longer than 12 hours each day?

  • Extending your filters running time will increase chemical efficiency, reduce vacuuming and give you a much cleaner pool.

What else can I do to increase the efficiency of my pool filter?

  • Maintaining a proper chemical balance will decrease bacteria and algae. This will lessen your filter’s workload. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning all skimmer and lint baskets will maximize water flow and increase filter efficiency. Using a MICRO-SCREEN in your skimmer basket will keep your filter cleaner which will in turn decrease the amount of time you need to backwash your filter.

How do I know when my filter needs to be cleaned?

  • The most reliable way to tell if a Filter is clogged is to check the return flow of water going back into your pool. If the return flow has slowed down, this is a good indication that your filter requires cleaning.

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