What is Shocking?

Shocking is the routine burning of contaminants in your pool water.

  • Always run your filter 8 to 10 hours after shocking your pool.

  • Always test and adjust your pH level to 7.2 - 7.6 after shocking your pool.

  • Always apply shock at night to maximize the effects of any shock Treatment.

Pool professionals recommend Green Out Pool Shock, here's why.

Green Out:

  • 64% Active

  • Easiest shock to use

  • 100% soluble, no pre-dissolving

  • Keeps your pH level neutral

  • Helps prevent and destroy algae

  • 7 Day Chlorine Residual

Liquid Shock :

  • Only 6% Active

  • 60 day shelf life

  • Only a 1-2 day residual

  • Can cause eye and skin irritation

Power Shock - 1lb Bags

  • Only 40% Active

  • Can cause cloudy water

  • Must be premixed before putting into pool

  • Can cause staining of liner if not mixed properly

Make the switch to the best shock on the market and see the difference!

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